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Mushihimesama HD (2012/JPN/NTSC-J)

Показы: 1168 | Отзывы: 0 Добавил zoha-zver, 27-05-2012, 19:23

Mushihimesama HD (2012/JPN/NTSC-J)

Mushihimesama HD (2012/JPN/NTSC-J)

Год выпуска: 2012
Жанр: Shoot 'em up
Разработчик: Cave
Издательство: Cave
Регион: NTSC-J
Тип издания: лицензия
Прошивка: 14 wave (LT+1.9/14719)
Язык интерфейса: японский

Mushihime-sama takes place in a world covered by sand. Here, massive six legged creatures roam the earth, and are respected as the forest gods.
Princess Leko has been unafraid of these gods ever since she was a child, because a mysterious boy gave her a bracelet that allows her to understand the feelings of the insects. However, there is something he, and the rest of her people kept from her.
The bracelet is only given to girls chosen as living sacrifices to the gods. And when an epidemic strikes her home town, she is sent to the forest, perhaps for the last time. Intricately beautiful, but exceptionally challenging, Mushihimesama is now in HD. The new game comes with a HD Mode, a Beginners Mode and an Arrange Mode

Mushihimesama HD (2012/JPN/NTSC-J)

Mushihimesama HD (2012/JPN/NTSC-J)Mushihimesama HD (2012/JPN/NTSC-J)
Mushihimesama HD (2012/JPN/NTSC-J)

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Загрузил: zoha-zver (27 мая 2012 19:14) Статус: Проверено (MAXAGENT)
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Mushihimesama_JPN_XBOX360-Caravan (76 файлов)
cvn-mhs.nfo (6.15 kB)
cvn-mhs.r00 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r01 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r02 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r03 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r04 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r05 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r06 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r07 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r08 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r09 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r10 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r11 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r12 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r13 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r14 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r15 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r16 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r17 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r18 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r19 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r20 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r21 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r22 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r23 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r24 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r25 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r26 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r27 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r28 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r29 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r30 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r31 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r32 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r33 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r34 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r35 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r36 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r37 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r38 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r39 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r40 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r41 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r42 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r43 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r44 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r45 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r46 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r47 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r48 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r49 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r50 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r51 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r52 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r53 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r54 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r55 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r56 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r57 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r58 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r59 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r60 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r61 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r62 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r63 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r64 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r65 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r66 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r67 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r68 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r69 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r70 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r71 (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.r72 (1.89 MB)
cvn-mhs.rar (95.37 MB)
cvn-mhs.sfv (1.59 kB)